Velvet Ropes and Stands

Velvet Ropes and Stands  -

Red velvet ropes and stands are iconic must-haves for any premiere red carpet event. Beyond practical uses like controlling crowds, velvet ropes and stands imbue an event with a sense of class and prestige, impressing on lookers as well as guests. Whether it be for a film festival or a hot new night club, velvet ropes and stanchions are perfect for event queuing, sectioning off a VIP area or other roped enclosure. Give your event that special feeling and your guests something to remember by including velvet ropes and stands in your order.

Need ideas? Please stop by our showroom located in Downtown Los Angeles to see a complete setup featuring velvet ropes and posts in person.

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  • Stanchions feature a 11” base
  • Stanchions are 38.5″ tall
  • Stanchions weigh 16.5 lbs.
  • Stanchions are made of Polished Stainless Steel
  • Velvet ropes come standard in 8 colors: red, black, white, pink, green, burgundy, gold and blue. Custom colors are available upon special request.
  • Velvet ropes are 6′ long
  • Velvet ropes feature a Polished Stainless Steel clasp
  • Velvet ropes are for sale or rent
  • Silver stanchions for sale or rent.

Available Red Carpet Colors