Professional Event Photography

Professional Event Photography -

Need a professional photographer for your event? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Our photography service will conveniently complement any event package, bringing you experienced, talented photographers without any hassle.

Red Carpet Systems’ professional photographers are available for a minimum of 3 hours and will come with their assistant to ensure your event gets the professional photo treatment it deserves.

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Because we know what your needs are, our service offers a wide array of options:

  • Official pictures at the arrival, on the red carpet
  • Official pictures at the arrival, in front of step and repeat wall
  • Official pictures inside the event
  • Paparazzi-style photos  –  a great way to impress your clients!
  • Delivery of pictures after the event on a CD/DVD or through the Internet
  • On-site printing of pictures – a great way to entertain your guests and get them involved
  • Customization of pictures with logo
  • Custom Step and Repeat backdrop

We can also work on special requests – feel free to ask!

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