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We specialize in red carpet and media arrivals and now exceptional event rentals for weddings, corporate events, bat and bar mitzvah, sweet sixteen and private parties. Click here.
Since 2005, our pros have worked with the best public relations agencies, event planners and promoters across the country to produce events at A-List public and private venues in LA and Orange county, San Diego and Las Vegas.
RCS PROVIDES COMPLETE red carpet production services for important arrivals areas at special events hosted by leading lifestyle publications, film studios, record labels, nightclub promoters, fashion houses, beverage brands and more.

Toni Kilicoglu
RCS Founder & CEO

Call me : 310-403-8817 or [email protected]

By way of introduction, I am a Pan-European bilingual entrepreneur, born and bred in Brussels, Belgium.For years, all I was dreaming of, like an obsession, was how to make my profound passion, ambition, not to mention, my genuine love for glamorous and posh sparkling discolight nightlives to become live in Hollywood. Where else? you might say….I had this deep feeling that, somehow, I could, and I should transform this dream into reality. Upon my arrival in the United States in 2005, I founded my own company called Red Carpet System (RCS) which was sponsored by my production partners Fast Productions headquartered in Belgium.Subsequently, the very first event we organised was held at Avalon in Hollywood. We proudly attracted over 1,800 guests to the venue for a sizzling night of memorable fun; featuring high profile European DJ’s, arts and fine cuisine as well as local underground spinners and renowned Headliners from New York City. Goal achieved, we successfully delivered an unforgettable night to be remembered for a long time!At that moment, I was overwhelmingly honored that I had established RCS’ imprint on Hollywood’s exclusive entertainment world.

And, this is how I made my dream come true.

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